Q: Can I order a custom cutting board from MWA Woodworks?

A: I offer the ability to order custom cutting boards to meet your specifications. Please contact     me to discuss the details of your request.


Q: What will my cutting board be shipped in?

A:  All items will be packed in materials that offer the best protection during shipping. Great          care is taken to ensure that your new cutting board will arrive unbroken and unblemished,        however Murphy's Law always applies any time you ship something using a common              carrier.


Q: What should I do to take care of my cutting board?

A: All cutting boards, butcher blocks and other kitchen tools require periodic care in order to       protect them against the every day effects of water and heat such as drying, cracking and       warping. There are many ways to provide this protection including different types of oils           and waxes. I offer my own rejuvenating board conditioner which you can purchase in the         shop.