Bevel Edge Cutting Board Walnut with Cherry and Maple

    • Sizes: 12x18x1.75, 15x20x1.75, 20x24x1.75
    • 100% food safe finish
    • Free shipping on orders > $200
    • Gift idea for holidays,birthdays,weddings,anniversary, house warming and more
  • This cutting board, called the "American Classic" due to its classic combination of cherry and maple accents is one beefy board at 1 3/4" thick. It features beveled edges which give the board a lighter look and also provide a handy spot to grip the board with fingers.
  • The item pictured is an accurate representation of the item you are purchasing. As with all natural wooden products, differences in color tone, grain pattern, character markings etc are to be expected and celebrated! No two boards produced are exactly alike (and that's a wonderful thing!).

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