Kitchen Prep Station Walnut and Maple

    • Sizes: 15x20x1, 20x24x1.25, 24x30x1.25
    • 100% food safe finish
    • Free shipping on orders > $200
    • Gift idea for holidays,birthdays,weddings,anniversary, house warming and more
  • This kitchen prep station is BIG. Its designed to be something a little more than just a cutting board, more like a permanent fixture on your counter top or island. Meant for serious chopping and prep work of multiple ingredients at once, it gives you all the real estate you'll need to get the task done.
  • The item pictured is an accurate representation of the item you are purchasing. As with all natural wooden products, differences in color tone, grain pattern, character markings etc are to be expected and celebrated! No two boards produced are exactly alike (and that's a wonderful thing!).

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